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Save thousands by buying direct

We sell bespoke fitted furniture direct to the public at trade price. Whether you’re fitting the room yourself, or hiring a professional, you’ll save thousands in High Street prices by cutting out the middle man and buying direct. The average saving is over £2000 per room!

We have an in-house team of expert CAD designers who will conduct a free design for you via email or ZOOM.

How can We sell at trade price?

We are able to sell our furniture at trade price as we don’t have any of the overheads that High Street showrooms do.

We do not visit customers’ homes to measure, which means we don’t have salesman and fuel overheads.

We do not install the furniture, so we don’t have installation and insurance overheads, nor do we have to pay a surveyor to visit site to check measurements before installation.

We also don’t mark-up the furniture before selling it like a retail showroom would.

All these savings mean that our average sale is £1920. The equivalent retail price for this would be over £4000, which is a saving of over £2000 for the  exact same furniture


Simply send in your measurements to and we’ll design your room for you!